Material Electrodynamics and Quantum Technologies

The research group in material electrodynamics and quantum technologies at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Naples “Federico II” investigates the light-matter interaction in micro and nanoscale systems using either classical or quantum electrodynamics. We are currently working on the following topics:

  • Nanophotonic and Metamaterial: We are at the forefront of exploring nanophotonic devices and metamaterials, focusing on their scattering resonances, and interference effects. Our research is dedicated to advancing the development of innovative theoretical models and fast computational methods.
  • Quantum Nanophotonics: Our research explores quantum electrodynamics of nanophotonic resonators. We delve into both linear and non-linear behaviors in open and dispersive nanophotonic systems, coupled with quantum emitters. Our approach includes the development of advanced theoretical models and computational strategies to decode and predict quantum behavior at the nanoscale.
  • Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Our research delves into the fascinating world of Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics (cQED), examining systems composed of interconnected transmission lines and lumped element circuits. These setups include a mix of linear (e.g., capacitors, inductors) and non-linear components (e.g., Josephson junctions), offering a rich playground for quantum phenomena exploration. Through the development of theoretical models, equivalent circuits, and advanced computational techniques, we aim to unravel quantum phenomena in these systems, paving the way for groundbreaking applications in quantum information processing and quantum computing.