Nano-optics lab

  • Supercontinuum Laser Source (SuperK FIANIUM FIU-6) from NKT Photonics: a laser source with a power of 2.2W, covering the 390-2400 nm range, featuring high beam quality, stability, and wavelength control capabilities.
  • Plug&Play Passive Filter (SuperK SPLIT VIS/IR) from NKT Photonics: allows for the separation of the visible and nIR spectra, with high transmission rates for both bands.
  • Fiber Delivery System: includes SuperK CONNECT alignment blocks for VIS wavelengths and single-mode PM LMA fibers for efficient coupling.
  • Dual-Channel Spectrometer (AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-2-EVO-RS) from Avantes: provides high-resolution spectral analysis across two channels, with excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.

Nanofabrication Center

2024 will mark a crucial year with the launch of state-of-the-art Nanofabrication Center at the University of Naples "Federico II". The Nanofabrication Center is equipped with a diverse range of tools designed for intricate nanotechnology applications, specifically focusing on nanostructure creation and superconductive quantum circuits. Here's a detailed breakdown of some key tools and their capabilities:

These tools collectively provide the capabilities required for cutting-edge research and development in nanotechnology, specifically targeting the precise requirements for developing